98% Laughs, 2% Sales, Pants Optional

Ever since we started running live streams on the Whatnot platform, this has always been our slogan. "98% Laughs, 2% Sales, Pants Optional". For the life of us, couldn't tell you how it started but it is a very simple philosophy that we stick to. We're not looking to pressure anyone into buying anything they don't want. That's not a good experience for anyone. We'd much rather you walk away at the end of the day thinking, "I laughed hard at those dummies today", versus, "Cool... I bought this...now what?"

Even outside of the Whatnot platform we have felt incredibly blessed and lucky to receive words of encouragement, love and support. One thing we have consistently been asked for is TwoDadsShop merch. Want it, gotta have it, give it to me right meow! Your words, not ours. TwoDadsShop merch has always been a goal and a dream of ours, even long before anyone ever asked for it.

So! Here it is! Our first ever TwoDadsShop merch! We are offering a limited run of 50 stickers and magnets, each one has been hand numbered by us. We may one day make this design available again down the road, but it will never be released as a limited, hand numbered design after this initial set sells out.

All the proceeds from this release will go into a fund to get our very first run of t-shirts produced! We're very excited to continue to expand and grow our offerings, beyond the various brands we carry. We want to allow more people to show their support not just to us but to the world by rocking that sweet, sweet TwoDadsShop merch.

We say it every day, and we'll keep saying it, thank you for your love and support. You truly are what keeps us motivated, and if no one has told you you're amazing today, we're telling you right now. You are amazing.

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