Live Case Breaks

What Is A Case Break?

Simply put, a case break is picking the exact spot from a case you want to purchase. You want the box in the most top-right (north east) spot, purchase D3 (from the example provided).

How To Participate In A Case Break?

We currently offer two different options when it comes to participating in a live case break.

  1. Join us for our live stream Mondays on the WhatNot App.
  2. Check the Current Case Break page to see which cases are still available for our Instagram Live case breaks.

We offer a variety of different cases on both platforms, so be sure to check both regularly.

Tell Me More About The Instagram Case Break

We'll list a variety of blind box cases throughout the month here on our website for you to choose from. On the product page of each case break you'll have the ability to pick the exact spot you'd like out of the case, BUT act fast because there's only one of each spot per case! We will go live on our Instagram page and rip the case!

You can see when the live stream will be in the product description of each case break.