Pre-Order Policy

By placing a pre-order with Two Dads Shop, not only are you awesome but you get to claim dibs first on items as they arrive into the warehouse. Barring any manufacturing mishaps/shortages/acts of god, you are essentially guaranteed the item you pre-ordered.

Below is some useful information about our pre-order policy:  

- All pre-orders will be charged immediately at the time of purchase, not shipment. This is what locks you in and gives you top priority over everyone else. It's what makes you extra special.

- All release dates are estimates from the supplier / manufacturer and are subject to possible delays and cancellations. If any item is cancelled by the manufacturer, we will cancel and refund all pre-orders for that item.

- Pre-orders cannot be cancelled after 14 days

- Pre-orders are shipped as soon as they arrive in our warehouse. Unlike other stores, where you have to wait for all the items in your order to become available. We ship your items within 24hrs of receiving them at our warehouse.

By placing a pre-order with Two Dads Shop, you are agreeing to all of the above terms and conditions stated in the above policies.